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Andreas Vilic
4 min readDec 16, 2019


Now and then I get an urge to find out about the news and what is happening in the world, but it reminds me quickly that newspapers and news portals are not the best places to seek out favourable information.

It is as if nothing is good in this world anymore or at least not worth promoting. Driven by such continuous and negative information served by the media, I asked myself what do they all have in common? First of all, we have media, then what the media present to the public. Politics, corruption, all sorts of crime, economic relations, inequality issues, global and natural changes are just some of the topics; however, the intention probably is not to develop an opinion what a horrible place this planet has become, but to make money. Money connects everything terrible in this world. And while money makes most of the population miserable, from historical examples, it is evident that it made a few smiles.

But what would be an impact if money would cease to exist? Would it result in peace, equality and have a positive effect, or would it be harmful? It would undoubtedly affect some of the smiling faces above. If we consider that wealth is the main reason behind every criminal organisation, political corruption, unemployment rates, homeless people and even the profound natural global changes, it is certainly something to address. However, who does it affect the most, and will we ever be able to get rid of it?

The answer, 0,7% of the total world population as the most affected and 7,4 % of the world population quite severely affected. For the last 4000 years we, as social beings, did not advance intellectually and this pyramid is a perfect example of greed and all other forms of social inequality, not different from the ancient relations within societies. If looking at this pyramid from the reverse angle, it may provide a new perspective.

Any further discussion or remarks about equality and inequality is superfluous. The only conclusion is that most of the people on this planet are subjects of equality within a designed system of inequality.

If everyone can not have it all, why should some?

What is their claim, and what gives them the right? A serious question, because it gives them power, and we have seen from many examples that power rarely leads to good deeds. Good deeds are for free, and power turns good people against each other. They are seldom recognised and promoted by media which found psychological evidence that more exposure is achieved with negative, but where does it leave a human mind and what societies do they create? The old Freudian idea that the bombardment with negative and violent information will finally enable a person to develop a positive stance seems like an entirely wrong hypothesis about human nature.

But what are the paths for the next generations?

Different people live in different realities, while different societies create different realities. Superficial it seems like that, but what most of the people do not realise that we are all in the same mess, even if the grass appears greener on one side. And keeping teams is one of the most significant issues and challenges to avoid when it comes to human nature. Most of the people want to be different than others, by being better socially, financially, aesthetically. Still, life is not a competition; it is progress, with human beings made able to make a difference. However, when money is in any equation, everything becomes a competition.

We have advanced a lot, but the expense is terrifying. The economic drive is unstoppable and unreasonable. The last research shows that 40% of food gets wasted as a result of expiry dates, unconsumed groceries, or just being imperfect. However, there are still people that can not afford it or factories that are willing to reduce production. Cars are being built and not driven, while art is created and not sold. People are becoming desperate, miserable and suffering in progressively increasing numbers. Who can claim a joy of life if thaught to worry or raised as a modern slave of the monetary system? Very few and only for a specific amount of time.

The only fear that is real is the one of stagnation and inability to change. And with a change in life, we can do beautiful things. Life is all about replacement and exchange, and we should not fear it, because it is not intended that we keep it. But if we refuse to change and stick to the patterns we have invented, we are inevitable waiting for new nightmares.



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